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CHIEFTAINTM is a new name for the British Pipe Tobacco scene.

Following months of trial and testing with the blending team at Kohlhase and Kopp, the makers of Charatan, Ashton, Rattrays and Robert McConnell Pipe Tobaccos we set out to achieve traditional British blends using only their highest quality of Pipe Tobacco.

The result is CHIEFTAINTM

We believe that CHIEFTAINTM will, in a short time, become a much-loved Pipe Tobacco blend for the Pipe Smokers of the UK.

The names of each of the blends will commemorate many historical roles of Scottish heritage. On each tin you will find a Lion Rampant, to compliment the Unicorn found on our sister brand CHARATAN Pipe Tobacco. The Lion and the Unicorn are symbolic, appearing in the full royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom.

From the BLACKSMITHS BLEND to commemorate the famous Scottish “anvil priests” at Gretna Green who can conduct marriage ceremonies; to ROBERTS MIXTURE commemorating two of Scotland’s most famous sons, Robert the Bruce and Robert Burns; to SHIPWRIGHTS MIXTURE - a nod to the world-famous Clyde Shipbuilding in Glasgow, to STORMY SKYE where Bonnie Prince Charlie fled to from South Uist with the help of Flora MacDonald; to LAZY DAY – a guilty pleasure that many of us long for.

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