In 1863 Frederick Charatan opened a shop in Mansell Street, London where he began to carve Meerschaum pipes. These got very popular very quickly and Charatan moved to a bigger workshop in Prescot Street. Here he began to make the briar pipes that made the name Charatan world famous. On the retirement of his father in 1910 Reuben Charatan took over the family business and the business wholly owned by the Charatan family until 1960.

During the 2000 noughties, Dunhill Tobacco of London, through the House of Edgeworth introduced a range of Charatan cigars, manufactured exclusively for the UK cigar smoker. However British American Tobacco (Dunhill Tobacco of London) made the decision in December 2016 to withdraw from the handmade cigar and pipe tobacco market in 2017.

To combat this announcement, Tor Imports Ltd made a successful approach to purchase the Charatan brand from Dunhill Tobacco of London allowing them to keep the brand alive and to develop the marque into new product segments.

Tor started work to launch a Charatan Pipe Tobacco with our Global Pipe Tobacco manufacturing partner in 2017 to create and test replica blends with pipe clubs around Europe and the UK with a view to introducing a brand new range of Pipe Tobaccos of exhaustion of the current stock of the Dunhill range. It took months before they were happy that they have acheived the blends to be as close as possible.

They are delighted to announce that the first 10 blends of Charatan Pipe Tobacco will be ready for launch in late 2018 with a further 4 blends planned for early 2019.

Symbolically, each box proudly displays the mythological Unicorn. With Scotland being famed for its love for and long history of myths and legends, it is no surprise that a fabled creature such as the unicorn is Scotland's national animal. The unicorn first appeared on the Scottish royal coat of arms by William I in the 12th Century and latterly when James VI became James I of England and Ireland. Today the unicorn appears on the right hand side of the British Royal Coat of Arms.

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