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Since taking over Tor Imports in 2012, it has been our mission to introduce the Best of the Best rated cigar ranges from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Mexico; to offer first class service and the best quality of handmade cigars in the market.


To help us achieve this, we have invested heavily in bespoke storage facilities including a 150 sq meter purpose-built storage humidor that controls temperature and humidity and ensures that every cigar leaves our bond in perfect condition. We have also implemented a tailored, HMRC-approved operating system that allows us to control our inventory and maximise our product availability.


We have a thorough and careful supplier selection process to make sure that our family-owned cigar partners are responsible for their own tobacco farming. Understanding our end-to-end supply chain helps us guarantee consistently high-quality cigars for our customers.


Many of our cigar maker partners give something back to their local communities through academic scholarships for their workers and  for poor families in their communities. We prefer partners who offer health programmes and subsidised childcare for their staff, as well as support programmes for children with disabilities.


Almost all our New World Cigar partners are family owned and operated, and have fair pay and gender equality policies in place.


The New World Cigar community takes their environmental responsibilities seriously, including the planting of thousands of precious species of trees, investing in sustainable growing practises, including drip irrigation and organic production, and sponsoring programmes that build emergency housing for the poorest families in their regions.


Through our partners, we proudly represent 9 out of the 16 No1 rated cigars since Cigar Aficionado inaugurated the award in 2004.


As a result, Tor has been rewarded with the prestigious Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists Supplier of the Year twice, in 2016 and 2018 for our range, our service and our support.

In the UK, Tor Imports Ltd operate in the niche tobacco industry, one of the toughest regulated markets in the world, with the highest tobacco duties in Europe.

We take our place in this arena of business very seriously and are an active member of  ITPAC (Imported Tobacco Products Advisory Council) working to help our customers on matters of regulation and to lobby government on all aspects of legislation.

Our objective is to help protect the ability of retailers to trade under increasing regulations, either via their bricks and mortar shops and lounges, hospitality outlets or their online stores, and to ensure that our manufacturers are encouraged to support the UK market.

Every year the UK Government releases a publication called the Parliamentary Review . Established by former minister The Rt Hon David Curry in 2010, The Parliamentary Review’s release is now a key fixture in the UK political calendar.

The main aim of the Review is to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector and the articles in the Review act as both a blueprint for success and a template for reform.

Due to our recent successes in being awarded with the specialist tobacco industry’s supplier of the year twice in the last 3 years, plus our lobbying profile and close work alongside the Central American Embassies to promote their goods, cultures and countries, we are proud that Tor Imports were invited to participate in the Review’s 2019 edition.


This recognition from the retail tobacco trade motivates us to continuously innovate and identify fresh ideas that help us improve and bring new experiences and high quality products to our customers and their consumers.

Since Covid 19 Lockdown on 20th March 2020, we have gone the extra mile to work closer than ever with our customers, the retail trade, to help them get through the immediate impact and changes to their work practises. Subsequently, we have worked tirelessly to find new ways to support them and turn this potentially difficult time into a positive business outcome for our customers.

Our positive measures have attracted attention of the Global Tobacco Press, with a recent article in Tobacco Reporter.

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