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Released to the Dominican local market in the 50's, Principes Corona are the original Dominican machine made cigar. They contain 7 grams of the best quality tobacco leaves, as they are made with the cuttings of the premium cigar factory. The binder is HTL and a natural wrapper from Indonesia. Principes Coronas are 5 by 38 ring gauge and are available in 4 different flavours.

The Principes Chico's are a flavoured machine made cigar by La Aurora, the oldest cigar maker in the Dominican Republic dating back to 1903. The Chico's are 4 1/2 long with a ring gauge of 30 and are available in 4 different flavours.

Each outer contains 6 packs of 5 cigars and each cigar is individually foil wrapped to retain the flavours and keep the cigars fresh.

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