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Brazilian cigars are mostly produced in the state of Bahia on the eastern coast of Brazil. Here the region is very tropical and the soil fertile, which naturally makes a great tobacco growing environment. Brazil is mostly known for its dark tobacco, called Mata Fina tobacco. Mata Fina is a sun-grown tobacco which is typically made into wrappers and used for premium, long filler cigars by many cigar producers in the Caribbean and Central America. Like its name, Mata Fina tobacco is grown in a region also called Mata Fina. The Mata Fina Region is located in the Reconcavo Basin in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The region gets its name from the native thin vegetation that grows there (mata means “vegetation,” and fina, “thin”). 


  • Bahia - Derived directly from the original strain of Andes's Nicotiana tabacum, this is one of the oldest native seed tobaccos. In general, Bahia is a sun grown plant that produces small, thick leaves of aromatic tobacco. There are three primary strains of native seed Bahia leaf grown, each with their own texture and flavours. The most popular and best tasting is Mata Fina. It is a dark sweet tobacco with an excellent aroma. Grown as both filler and wrapper, this is often used as an oscuro wrapper leaf.

  • Arapiraca - Grown further north along the coast in Alagaos, this is a sun grown and sun cured filler leaf with a dark brown hue and a unique sweet flavour

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