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A very elastic and visually beautiful leaf

  • CAPA C.T HABANO - In the 1870's this sun grown variety began as a transplanted seed from Cuba however today it is a bush like tobacco whose leaves stand upright from the stalk. This tobacco is a rich, spicy leaf of considerable strength and dark colour.

  • CAPA BROADLEAF MEDIUM - A native seed of North America. The leaves are heavy, thick and oily and translate into the smoking experience with hints of sweet earthy notes.

  • CAPA ARAPIRACA OSCURO PFS-S - Grown north along the coast of Alagaos, Brazil this is a sun grown and sun cured leaf with a dark brown hue and a unique sweet flavour with a bit of a salty characteristic.

  • CAPA MATA FINA BRAZIL - One of the oldest native seed tobaccos. This tobacco is grown outside of Cruz de las Almas, 2 hours west of Salvador Bahia. This is a dark sweet tobacco with an excellent aroma.

  • CAPA MEXICAN OSCURO - San Andres Negro is one of the earliest native black seed tobaccos cultivated. This tobacco is stalk cut and usually has a grainy texture with a ripe pleasingly pungent flavour.

  • CAPA ECUADORIAN C.T - Well known for its golden brown colour, smooth and mild flavour. This tobacco needs no tents as it is grown in the mountains of Ecuador under the shade of the clouds.

  • CAPA CAMEROON - Originating in Africa this variety offers a subtle sweetness and complex character.

  • CAPA HABANO ECUADOR - On the western foothills of the Andes stands a region with lowland mountain rainforests that are continually blanketed by a dense cloud cover. It is here in this rich, volcanic loam that black wrapper tobaccos thrive without the need for protective tenting. The misty, cool mornings give way to warm, humid days that are ideal for the cultivation of fine wrapper tobaccos.

  • CAPA INDONESIA BESUKI - Sun grown as both a wrapper and filler crop in the Jember region, Besuki is divided into two crops: vroege oogst (VO) which is Dutch for early harvest and na oogst (NO) which is Dutch for late harvest. Besuki is sweet, aromatic leaf with a smoky characteristic.

  • CAPA COLOMBIANA - Colombian cigar tobacco varietals have had a reputation for being tough and thick and requiring heavy fermentation.

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