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A combination of between two and five leaves

  • VISO ASP ESTELI - This is a Cuban seed corojo with a step up in strength, sharpness and flavour from the seco. Many people classify the viso from ASP as a ligero due to its strength.

  • VISO JALAPA - A step up in strength from the C-98 seco from Jalapa. The flavour is medium bodied with a naturally sweet and delicious aroma.

  • VISO JM ESTELI - This is a stronger viso than the Jalapa tobacco due to the rich soil of Esteli and creates a full bodied smoke.

  • VISO JALAPA C-98 - Sun grown on one of the famed farms in the Jalapa valley, La Mia, this tobacco is a step up in strength from the C-98 seco

  • VISO OMETEPE - Ometepe is an island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua. It is a difficult place to get to and work but is perfect for growing rich tobaccos unique to the area due to its location.

  • VISO CONDEGA - Condega was the name of an Indian town found in Nicaragua by Fray Alonso Ponce in 1576 when he was entering Nicaragua from Honduras. Located in the Esteli province, the Condega valley produces a rich and sweet tobacco with a strength level that lies between Esteli and Jalapa.

  • VISO MATA FINA - From the famed Bahia region of Brazil, this filler is a dark, sweet tobacco with an excellent aroma.

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