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The saying 'fortune favours the brave' as never been truer than for Colin of Kintail. As a sign of gratitude for saving his life, King Alexander III awarded him the lands of Eilean Donan and the motto 'Lucco Non Uro' which translates to 'I Shine, Not Burn'. But most importantly Colin of Kintail and his Mackenzie clan were given the right to bear a 12 pointed Royal Stag as their crest.

After establishing The Dalmore and running it for 28 years, Alexander Matheson  decided in 1867 it was time to pass on the distillery to new owners. Andrew and Charles Mackenzie stepped forward, bringing with them not only the iconic 12 pointed Royal Stag emblem, which has adorned every bottle of the The Dalmore since, but also a formidable desire for success. Their passion for recreating an even better whisky would fuel a whole new era for The Dalmore.

For over 150 years, The Dalmore has set the standard in multi cask maturation. Hand selected casks from the worlds finest bodegas and wineries are expertly curated to create a sumptuous and layered whisky of legendary finesse.

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