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A combination of between two and five leaves

  • SECO JALAPA CRIOLLO 98 - Shade grown, this hybrid is intended to be another improvement on the Corojo strain. The C-98 has rich, lean peppery flavour with a thin finish

  • SECO ASP ESTELI - This Cuban seed is grown by the legendary Perez family just north of the city limits of Esteli. This Seco is stronger and sharper in flavour than the C-98 from Jalapa.

  • SECO OMETEPE - Ometepe is an island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua. It is a difficult place to get to and work but is perfect for growing rich tobaccos unique to the area due to its location.

  • SECO CONDEGA - Condega was the name of an Indian town found in Nicaragua by Fray Alonso Ponce in 1576 when he was entering Nicaragua from Honduras. Located in the Esteli province, the Condega valley produces a rich and sweet tobacco with a strength level that lies between Esteli and Jalapa.

  • SECO D.R PILOTO CUBANO - This is a medium rich tobacco and is regarded as the Dominican's best black tobacco that is prized for its sweet aroma. It serves as a key component in many of the world's handmade cigar blends. The Piloto Cubano will have less strength than the seco's from Nicaragua.

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