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A combination of between two and five leaves

  • LIGERO ASP ESTELI - One of the prized ligeros of Esteli due to its aroma, strength and full bodied flavour.

  • LIGERO OMETEPE - Ometepe is an island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua. It is a difficult place to get to and work but is perfect for growing rich tobaccos unique to the area due to its location.

  • LIGERO CONDEGA - Condega was the name of an Indian town found in Nicaragua by Fray Alonso Ponce in 1576 when he was entering Nicaragua from Honduras. Located in the Esteli province, the Condega valley produces a rich and sweet tobacco with a strength level that lies between Esteli and Jalapa.

  • LIGERO JALAPA - This is one of the best ligeros to come out of the Jalapa valley, it is medium to full bodied with a sharp sweet flavour.

  • LIGERO DOMINICANA PILOTO CUBANO - This is the strongest leaf coming out of the Dominican Republic with a rich intensive flavour and a sweet finish.

  • KENTUCKY FIRE CURED - This tobacco is stalk cut and laid down in the fields for several hours to wilt to avoid leaf breakage. It is then speared onto a stick to be put on rolling frames to be transported to the barns. The initial firing will be done with low heat usually 110F to 115F degree heat. This should be maintained until the tobacco reaches a solid brown colour. Once the colour is set more heat will be added (120F - 130F) to completely cure down the midrib of the leaf. 

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