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Lush in flora and fauna, Indonesia is by the largest and most varied archipelago on Earth. Draped over the Equator, Indonesia tends to have two seasons - hot & wet and hot & dry. The region is noted for its immense volcanic activity with some four hundred volcanoes, of which seventy are active. Although tobacco found its way to Indonesia with Ferdinand Magellan's historic circumnavigation of the globe in 1521, it was the Dutch who implemented the cultivation of black tobacco on the large island of Sumatra and Java, whose rich soils and climates are ideal.

  • Sumatran - Sun grown primarily as a wrapper crop in Sumatra, this is regarded as a native seed black tobacco. This variety has a unique spicy flavour with a dry smoke that is very popular in Europe.

  • Besuki - Sun grown as both a wrapper and filler crop in the Jember region, which lies in East Java. Jember is regarded as the best place in Indonesia to grow tobacco. Besuki is divided into two crops: Vroege OOgst (VO) which is Dutch for 'early harvest' and Na Oogst, Dutch for 'late harvest'. Some people classify Besuki as being a sweet, aromatic leaf while others regard it as acrid, rough tobacco.

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