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Flor de Caña is naturally aged in small white oak bourbon barrels sealed with plantain leaves, producing a distinguished and elegant rum with tropical notes. This uninterrupted aging process has been known for more than a decade as Slow-Aged™, contributing to the rum’s remarkable amber color and rich flavor without the aid of accelerants, unnatural additives and with zero sugar content.

In Nicaragua’s tropical climate, Flor de Caña matures at a higher temperature and humidity level than is usually experienced by other spirits, such as whiskey and cognac. The barrelhouses in which Flor de Caña is aged have natural ventilation, allowing for exposure to the surrounding high volcanic temperatures and Nicaragua’s tropical humidity, resulting in a complex rum with a bold character beyond its age. The proximity to the San Cristobal volcano also plays a key role in the high evaporation rate of the rum, called “the Angels’ Share”, which is the result of the high interaction between the barrel and the rum, contributing to Flor de Caña’s unique flavour.

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