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  • The cut should be made just above the line where the cap meets the wrapper, it is essential to make a clean and regular cut otherwise it will cause the wrapper to unravel

  • There are several types of cigar cutters, the most common are:

  • Single of Double Bladed Guillotine - a double bladed cutter is highly recommended since it make a significantly cleaner cut. When making a straight cut, it is important that you cut enough of the cap so that the cigar draws smoothly, but not too much of the cap so that the end of the cigar opens and allows tobacco through

  • V Cutter - this slices a wedge into the cap of the cigar taking it entirely off in a straight cut. This provides a more consistent cut without the risk of cutting too deep or cutting on a diagonal

  • Cigar Punch - this does not cut off the cap of the cigar but removes a circular section from the cap - this preserves the shape of the cigars head

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