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Sua Altezza was born over lunch in Notting Hill, London. While smoking a cigar the founders had the thought to create a luxury cigar as no other brand does. Not only did they decide to wrap their cigar with gold, but they knew that they needed more luxury touches to introduce something absolutely unique to the cigar market. From this lunch, Sua Altezza cigars were born.


The name Sua Altezza - which means "his/her highness" in Italian - has a tight relationship with the city of Florence, from where gold leaves that adorn and wrap the cigar originate. Indeed, historically, Florence has always been considered as being the world's capital for gold and jewellery. During the first half of the 15th century The Medici family, were gathering prominence across Europe, attaching a great deal of importance to gold and “Lorenzo the Magnificent” himself was a collector of gold jewellery who hugely influenced and created plentiful work for goldsmiths in the 1400s.


Later in their history, Catherine of Medici (born in Florence), was suffering from headaches so Jean Nicot sent her tobacco plants. She was so enthusiastically impressed that she proclaimed that tobacco was henceforth to be named Herba Regina, " the Queen's herb".


This historical anecdote, added up to the origins of our gold and the prestige of our products, make them without any doubt royal and henceforth the name "Sua Altezza” came naturally to us as if it was the sign of the destiny.

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