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A flat somewhat elastic leaf

  • CAPOTE C.T HABANO - As a binder this tobacco will improve the overall strength of a blend. It is a rich, spicy leaf of considerable strength.

  • CAPOTE MEXICANO - As a binder the San Andres Negro leaf will add a ripe, pleasingly pungent flavour with a slight sweetness.

  • CAPOTE C.T ECUADOR - This C.T seed binder is grown in Ecuador by the famous Oliva family. This tobacco is noted for its smooth and mild flavour.

  • CAPOTE INDONESIA - This is a Besuki variety which is classified as being a sweet and aromatic leaf.

  • CAPOTE COLOMBIANA - Colombian cigar tobacco varietals have had a reputation for being tough, thick and requiring heavy fermentation - this translates into aroma and flavour.

  • CAPOTE CAMEROON - Originating in Africa this variety offers a subtle sweetness and complex character.

  • CAPOTE HABANO JALAPA CRIOLLO 98/CRIOLLO 99 - Developed in Cuba to be more disease resistant than a standard Cuban Criollo plant. The Criollo 98 is also planted in Honduras and Nicaragua.

  • CAPOTE HABANO HONDURAS CRIOLLO - Originally a native seed Cuban this variety can be flavourful and smooth or very powerful.

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